Bernard Schütze

Carnivalesque Mutations in the Bahian Carnival and Rave Culture


The rave phenomenon and the Bahian carnival are examined in terms of a shared, though differing, carnivalesque enactment. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze’s impersonal mode and concept of singularities, this paper analyzes two festive manifestations as instances in which ordinary modes of subjectivation are lifted to allow a mutation of subjectivities that is both singular and multiple. While the Bahian carnival is viewed as characterized by a modernist anthropophagic strategy that makes a virtue of incorporating difference and producing hybridity, raves are said to deploy a postmodernist technophagic logic that inverts the instruments and instrumentality of a society of control. In conclusion, the two phenomena are examined in relation to how they articulate, or fail to articulate, strategies of resistance that extend beyond the festive.